When buying a home, there are many opportunities for the sale to fall through. I have highlighted the four reasons buyers and sellers do not make it to the closing table after the offer is accepted.

Number 1. Financing – Lending guidelines change regularly, and a buyer who was pre-qualified to purchase a home may not be when it comes time to execute the sale.

Number 2. Appraisal – so a house appraised not at the value buyers have paid. Now buyers have to come up with a difference. They do not have the money! A good agent would always explain the danger of not appraising and provide detailed research on the recent sales in the area.

Number 3. Home Inspection – You have your inspection, and you notice some “issues” you want to have resolved. New negotiation can turn into a very emotional time before closing the home sale.

Number 4. Final Walkthrough – You had asked for specific drapes, chandeliers, wall coverings or even appliances to be removed or left, and you come through the day of or before the closing, and it is not how it suppose.

I have been involved in many real estate transactions and I am going to help you close smoothly.

You are getting to the Closing Table to Close Your Real Estate Transaction. This video will explain why sellers and buyers do not close on closing day. 

Getting to the Closing Table.

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