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How to get ready for your moving day.

Moving day can be stressful. But with some advanced preparation and planning, it can be exciting and memorable. Make sure you are ready for it. This article discusses the most important steps to make that move great and without stress. Let’s get started! Who to notify of your move? Your place of employment Financial institution Credit card companies Your utility...

What is the trigger rate in variable mortgage?

What is the trigger rate, and how does it affect your variable mortgage this year after many interest rates increase? The Bank of Canada has increased the central bank rate by 4.00% since March this year to cool the inflation rate. And while many homeowners expected rates to rise, no one expected things to jump up so quickly. So, what does this mean for homeowners and their mortgages? As a result of...

Market Watch Toronto Real Estate Board February 2023

Toronto Regional Real Estate Board releases sales numbers for February 2023

After steep increases in borrowing costs, prospective buyers and homeowners with variable mortgages may see rates stay the same or trend lower in the second half of this year. This forecast is part of TRREB’s 2023 Market Outlook & 2022 Year in Review report. It also features Ipsos polling on homebuying intentions and points to an uptick in buying activity this year.GTA HOME SALES AND LISTINGS DROP...

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